July 9, 2020

The European Biological Rhythms Society is convening a popup workshop to explore how chronobiology plays a role in the current pandemic. In this workshop we’ll explore what chronobiology can contribute to the understanding of COVID-19.
  • How does the clock regulate infection and the course of the disease?
  • Does time of day matter in critical care treatment?
  • What can we expect based on seasonal patterns of viral infections?

Experts Panel

Jeff Haspel, MD, PhD

Washington University School of Medicine

Prof. Jane McKeating

University of Oxford

Dr. Annie Curtis

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Prof. Erik Herzog

Washington University

Prof. Dr. med. Eva Schernhammer, PhD

Medical University of Vienna and Harvard University

Prof. Dr. Christoph Scheiermann

University of Geneva

Dr. Shaon Sengupta, MD

University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Dr. med. Claudia Spies

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Prof. Micaela Martinez

Columbia University

Prof. Phyllis Zee, MD

Northwestern University

Prof. Kathryn Roecklein

University of Pittsburgh

Prof. Dr. Barbara Helm

University of Groiningen, University of Glasgow

Prof. Rachel Herz, PhD

Brown University and Boston College

Prof. Satchin Panda

Salk Institute and UC San Diego

Prof. Dr Elizabeth Coulthard

University of Bristol


Subject to change at anytime




  • 7:30 EST
    13:30 CEST
    20:30 JST
    Meeting site opens - Networking event
  • 8:00 EST
    14:00 CEST
    21:00 JST
    Introduction and welcome
    Martha Merrow, President EBRS
  • 8:10 EST
    14:10 CEST
    21:10 JST
    What does a chronobiologist need to know
  • 8:30 EST
    14:30 CEST
    21:30 JST
    Part I. Chronobiology of the immune system and viral infection
    Moderated by Steve Brown, Vice President EBRS
    Introduction Annie Curtis, RCIS
  • 8:35 EST
    14:35 CEST
    21:35 JST
    One minute statements from Expert Panel
  • 8:40 EST
    14:40 CEST
    21:40 JST
    Structured discussion
  • 9:00 EST
    15:00 CEST
    22:00 JST
    Part II. Critical Care and the Circadian Clock
    Moderated by Sara Montagnese, EBRS Board Member
    Introduction Claudia Spies, Charité Universität
  • 9:05 EST
    15:05 CEST
    22:05 JST
    One minute statements from Expert Panel
  • 9:10 EST
    15:10 CEST
    22:10 JST
    Structured discussion
  • 9:30 EST
    15:30 CEST
    22:30 JST
    Part III. Seasonality and Epidemiology
    Moderated by Noga Kronfeld-Schor, EBRS Board Member
    Intro Micaela Martinez, Columbia University
  • 9:35 EST
    15:35 CEST
    22:35 JST
    One minute statements from EBRS Board Member
  • 9:40 EST
    15:40 CEST
    22:40 JST
    Structured discussion
  • 10:00 EST
    16:00 CEST
    23:00 JST
    Part IV. Brain, Behaviour and COVID-19
    Moderated by Martin Ralph, EBRS Board Member
    Introduction by TBD
  • 10:05 EST
    16:05 CEST
    23:05 JST
    One minute statements from Expert Panel
  • 10:10 EST
    16:10 CEST
    23:10 JST
    Structured discussion
  • 10:30 EST
    16:30 CEST
    23:30 JST
    Plenary discussion
  • 11:00 EST
    17:00 CEST
    0:00 JST
    End of the scientific program
  • 11:30 EST
    17:30 CEST
    0:30 JST
    End of wrap-up session


A Panel of experts will discuss questions on the chronobiology of COVID-19. The questions will be submitted by the EBRS Board as well as by you and all of the registered participants. Discussion will be emphasised over data presentation.

Participants Around the World


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