Registration Twitter-interactive virtual hub

Even if you are taking part in this conference from a virtual hub, this is still meant to be a conference experience. If at all possible, you should participate as part of a group. That group might be your lab, it might be all of the chronobiologists in your city or it might be an interdisciplinary group of colleagues with whom you wish to start to collaborate and thus start discussions. 
To get these virtual hubs organised, we need volunteers to host a Twitter-interactive virtual hub. What are the requirements to host a Twitter-interactive virtual hub? Your internet speed should be at least 25Mb/s download speed. You will need a room that can project the talks and broadcast the audio with a good quality.
If you cannot host such a virtual hub, the registration process asks for your city. We will use this information to match you to others in your area that wish to host. We will match you with others who sign up for your city. We will also ask that at least one person at this site is a member of the European Biological Rhythms Society. And, of course, all persons should travel to your local conference hub by low carbon means. 
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